Shaïnah Faustin Laforest

Fundraising & Engagement Strategist


My Story

I always wanted to serve people. This value – service – has been at the heart of my decision making from the very beginning of my career. It led me to teaching eager 11th and 12th graders, to working with community centers and other mission-driven organizations, and now, to working with you.

An educator at heart, I have worked in a variety of school settings — public, charter, independent — and have explored various roles within mission-driven businesses and organizations. I have worked with non- and for- profit organizations, under-served and affluent organizations, and emerging, established, and mature organizations.

Through these experiences, I crafted my refreshing, non-traditional approach to help you overcome your mission-driven business or organization’s unique challenges. Whether you are an emerging business or a veteran in the industry, I am here to help you level up your organization.

Together, we can better serve you and your community, reach goals, and solve challenges with grace, compassion, empathy, and fun!

Oh right, a little bit more about me: I love to travel, read, and I am an avid skincare enthusiast. In my spare time, I like to renovate my apartment and and care for my (many) plant babies. I am thrilled you are here – welcome to the Innovative Solving family. Let’s get solving!

Need Help Establishing and Maintaining a Strong Fundraising Strategy?


  • Is your mission-driven business or organization spending valuable time scouring the internet for potential funding sources?
  • Are you disheartened after spending valuable time on a grant application, only to receive a response email that begins with the dreaded 5 words, “we regret to inform you…?”
  • Do you or your employees find yourselves saying, “there has to be a better way?”

There is a better way! With tested-and-true fundraising and engagement strategies, Shaïnah will equip you with everything you need to infuse new funds into your mission-driven business or organization. 

Does Your Mission-Driven Organization Struggle Keeping Constituents Engaged?

  • Are you frustrated by “Unsubscribed” receipts frequently landing in your inbox?
  • Do you find yourself communicating information repeatedly and through various platforms only to have constituents say they did not know about a certain event, annoucement, or change ?
  • Do you have engaged volunteers, but are struggling to figure out next steps for their energetic engagement?

Shaïnah’s wealth of engagement expertise will help you communicate more effectively, reach wider audiences, and be more responsive to your constituents’ unique needs.  You will better serve, communicate with, and mobilize your community!