Shaïnah Faustin Laforest

Fundraising & Engagement Strategist 

My Story


Hi! I’m Shaïnah (Shy-yee-na), and I am so glad you found my corner of the Internet! I am CEO & Founder of Innovative Solving, where I help mission-forward organizations reach their fundraising and engagement goals.

Outside of Innovative Solving, I am a multi-passionate self-starter, and I have centered my career around helping others. I have worked with students, peers, and clients in support of both their personal and professional goals.

On my professional journey, I have served non- and for- profit organizations in reaching their engagement goals; taught computer literacy to multilingual families; lead communication workshops to displaced children; and facilitated conferences on self-respect. These experiences helped me to craft my refreshing, non-traditional approach that I eagerly use to serve clients like you.



So whether you are leading an emerging or mature organization;  whether you are in need of a panel facilitator or an alumni outreach consultant; whether you need workshop coordinator, a community engagement consultant, or an accesibility coach – I am here to help you level up.

Together, we can better serve you and your community, reach goals, and solve challenges with grace, compassion, empathy, and fun!

Oh right, a little bit more about me: I love to travel, read, and I am an avid skincare enthusiast. In my free time, I like to decorate, care for my (many) plant babies, and meticulously curate neo-soul playlists. I am thrilled you are here – let me know how I can help!